The students who created this wiki will be writing encyclopedia articles about Boston ecosystems.
Our wiki was created on Wednesday, December 14th,2006, and we're all excited about sharing our knowledge with others.

January 24th 2007 update:

We're making lots of changes to our wiki's pages! The students have all created individual pages and will now begin the process of going from "me" to "we." They will work together to write the best, most complete articles they can using the information and photos they gathered during their field work. Our wiki pioneers have worked very hard to learn the wiki software, have braved the unfamiliar frontiers of uploading photos and formatting text, and are moving on towards their goal.

Description of the project: Amigos.jpg

6th grade students at the Amigos School in Cambridge, Massachusetts took research they had already conducted in and around Boston, rewriting and synthesizing multiple projects in order to present them in this format for web publication. The process helped students become better readers and writers, provided us a platform for discussing copyright and intellectual property, as well as giving students a forum in which to share their knowledge with others; the ultimate goal of learning.

As we enter another school year, students may continue the wiki project by adding more types of ecosystems to the wiki, and perhaps collaborating with students from other regions of the United States to broaden understanding of the diversity of systems around our country.

The following pages were created as we began learning to use the wiki, and the navigation bar to the left presents students' revised and published efforts:

Amigos Wiki Pioneers

Pioneers of 6B

Pioneers of 6A

Wiki Lessons for Pioneers

Interview: Students discuss the wiki project

Links to a 24-minute discussion between three students and Library Assistant Melissa Brumsted, talking about the process of creating the Boston Ecosystems Wiki. Recorded in the spring of 2007.